I'm a Chicago-based software & electronics engineer. After a dozen years designing embedded electronics, I also consult with businesses on digital products, whether it's apps and tools they use to improve the way they operate, or creating customer-facing products and experiences that delight. Leading client technical teams through product architecture phases and application development, primarily using Laravel/Angular/React.

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Selected Projects
Wilson Labs Frontend Engineer

Building an easier way to collect product test data.

Keyo Backend/Frontend Engineer

Paying for goods and services with the power of your palm.

Busbank Backend/Frontend Engineer

Drastically improving customer engagement with a dynamic instant-quote tool for bus charters.

PCB Design Project Lead

Extending the power of a tiny, x86 single-board computer.

Nomz Backend/Frontend Engineer

Easy consensus building, because sometimes finding a place for 27 people to eat can be scary.

Book A Day Backend/Frontend Engineer

Native-ly helping book lovers get their fix.